MeToo Pakistan International France to impose atheistic believes on its citizens.

France to impose atheistic believes on its citizens.

France revealed the details of the ‘Separatism’ bill last month. This bill is presented by President Macron as a strategy to fight “Islamist radicalism“, and will now be debated in the French parliament. The word Islam was not mentioned in 50 articles of the draft law.
Earlier, Emmanuel Macron in his speech called Islam the “religion in crisis” while talking about the new ‘separatism law’. His comment upset the Muslims which resulted in the ban on French products and anti-France protests across the globe.
French parliment

Here are a few points in the new draft law.
1)- School is obligatory from age three.
​Homeschooling is allowed in special cases (health issues and disability) only. Homeschooling is outlawed so that children would not be given religious education at home.
2)- All Mosques have to register as places of worship.
3)- ​Foreign funding for mosques would have to be declared if more than 10,000 euros.
​This article implies on Mosques only. There are several religious places in France but only Mosques will be monitored.
4)- If a man refused the male doctor to checkup his wife, he will be punished with 5 years of jail and a fine of 75,000 euros.
​French feminists and right groups have raised concerns over this article. The surprising thing is that, same punishment is for a rapist who rapes a 15 years-old or younger child.
5)- A complete ban on the virginity test. The doctor providing virginity certificates will be punished with one-year jail and fine.
​Many doctors and Muslim feminists are against the virginity test. Even WHO has stated that the virginity test violates women’s rights. But an outright ban may harm the women. On the other hand, not even a single word was discussed about “Hymen repair surgery”.

6)– Before marriage, both the couple will be interviewed separately to know their consent. This article was added in law to control “Force Marriages”.
7)- ​Polygamy (having more than one spouse) will be considered a crime. One found practicing polygamy will lose his French residency.
​Unfortunately, the focus of Emmanuel Macron is on Muslims’ polygyny instead of the French population and the increase in women’s birth rate and life expectancy. France has 34.67 Million (about 52%) women in the total population of 67 Million. The Ban on Polygyny may increase the number of single women.
​8)- Anyone who posts someone’s data online or tries to harm him on the internet will be punished with a 3-years jail and 45,000 euros fine.
​Where is freedom of speech? Internet is a place where a lot of people are trolled, exposed, and defamed with fake allegations. The best thing is to remove the data from the internet by reporting it to the platform where it exists.
9)- ​This bill extends the ban on wearing religious symbols for civil servants and employees, even if they aren’t employed by the government (directly).
​Only Muslim women will be affected by this law. Hijab was already banned for government employees and students

Boycott France 🇫🇷 became trend on Twitter.
French Prime Minister supported the bill and insisted that ‘it is not against religions‘. He further added, “It is a law of emancipation from religious fundamentalism.”
Far-left leader Jean-Luc Melenchon accused the government is hurting Muslims’ sentiments just for their political gain.
France has launched a crackdown against mosques and Muslim organizations. France authorities have also ordered to close Collective against Islamophobia in France (CCIF), the non-profit organization which helps the Muslims that are victims of Islamophobia.
It seems that the Separatism bill is there to separate religion from secularism. France wants the religious people to either leave the country or change their attitude towards religion.

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