MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,Law,Social media Activist Shaheer Sialvi arrested for supporting the violent political campaign

Activist Shaheer Sialvi arrested for supporting the violent political campaign

CounterTerrorism Department (CTD) in a recent crackdown targeted the social media users who supported the violent protests and banned outfit Tahreek-e-Labaik Pakistan. Shaheer Sialvi, President of State Youth Parliament was seen on social media supporting the protest and condemning the arrest of Saad Rizvi. CTD took a quick step and arrested him.

According to the resources, Shaheer Sialvi supported the riots and violence in his video. He asked the government to cut its ties with France and kick off its Ambassador. He asked his followers and members of the State Youth Parliament to take the side of TLP’s campaign. He challenged the government asking for the release of TLP’s chief.

His video went viral on social media. Many people appreciated his act while others called it extremism. He compared the following riots with the Aurat March protests as both were violating the country’s laws. Aurat March protestors had openly supported LGBT, Blasphemy, and Nuclear Disarmament which violate the country’s constitution. Shaheer Sialvi is in custody under the provision of the Anti-Terrorism Act: Section 7.

According to the resources, Counter-Terrorism Department has collaborated with the Federal Investigation Agency to trace out the users who are directly or indirectly fueling the Anti-France protests. It is not known whether it is going to increase the violence in the country on not. On the other hand, the French government and Media are continuously fueling the Anti-government and Pro-government riots.

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