MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,International,Social media Bangladeshi author slammed for Islamophobic statement on Moeen Ali

Bangladeshi author slammed for Islamophobic statement on Moeen Ali

While playing IPL (Indian Premier League), English Muslim All-rounder “Moeen Ali” requested his franchise Chennai Super King to remove the liquor company’s logo (sponsoring brand) from his shirt. It is usual for Muslim players and complies with the terms and conditions of the tournament. Moeen Ali requested that the logo is hurting his religious sentiments. In response, his request was approved.

Everything was going well, then suddenly a Bangali author Taslima Nasreen (with verified account) tweeted that “If Moeen Ali was not stuck with Cricket, He would have been in Syria, to join ISIS“. Her tweet was nothing but a hateful statement which led to the online backlash. Hundreds of thousands of people tweeted in favor of Moeen Ali condemning the Author’s Islamophobic remarks.

In response to her tweet, English players supported their teammate and asked their fans to report the author’s account.

Taslima Nasreen deleted her tweet and again tweeted saying that her tweet was just Sarcastic. Everyone was expecting an apology from her side but she called the Moeen Ali’s supporters “Haters”. She added;

Haters know very well that my [Moeen Ali] tweet was sarcastic. But they made that an issue to humiliate me because I try to secularize Muslim society and I oppose Islamic fanaticism. One of the greatest tragedies of mankind is pro-women leftists support anti-women Islamists.


It should be cleared that ISIS is a terrorist group active in Syria and Iraq. It was founded by the UN (United Nations).

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