MeToo Pakistan Feminism Freedom of Speech ended when a newspaper called them “Whores”

Freedom of Speech ended when a newspaper called them “Whores”

Freedom of Speech has always been a matter of interest in the world. People use to hurt others and defend themselves with the term “Freedom of Speed”, but when it comes to other’s end, they consider it an attack on humanity. The same tragedy happened last week when an Urdu Newspaper ” Daily Ummat” used an offensive word for the participants of Aurat March and the same feminists who once favored “This kind of Freedom” approached the higher authorities to take action against the news outlet.

Last week, daily ummat used the word “Whores” (prostitute) for Aurat March on the headline of their cover page. The column was discussing the list of countries with high rate statistics. The top counties with higher rape rates are non-Muslim counties where vulgarity, nudity, and adultery are common things.

Countries with the highest rape statics include South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland, Bermuda, Sweden, Suriname, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Grenada. Furthermore, Bangladesh, India, China, Japan, and the USA have the highest Rape rate in the world. According to the news outlet, Pakistan has the issue of Rapes and Harassments but following the Western culture will make the society worst than it is.

Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCS) has asked the Daily Ummat to apologize for the controversial remarks. Doesn’t matter what’s coming next, but this is the defeat of Aurar March, Feminism, and Liberalism in Pakistan. They are taking a U-Turn from the slogans they raised in March.

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