MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,Feminism Feminists criticise Shehroz Sabzwari for his “shirtless jogging”

Feminists criticise Shehroz Sabzwari for his “shirtless jogging”

Celebrities often face criticism from their fans and haters while Shehroz sabzwari is unlucky to have more haters than followers. Even his wife was trolled on social media and digital platforms and was being compared with Shehroz’s ex-wife Syra Yousuf.

He is also under criticism for his recent support for the Tahafuz Namoos-e-Risalat cause (Protecting the Prophet’s Sanctity) in an interview with Hum News. He is also labelled as a TLP malefactor during the violent protests.

A video is surrounding on Instagram showing three shirtless men jogging at night, one of them is Shehroz. He posted that video on his Instagram story. One of the Instagram user, known for her feministic behaviour, posted that video on her account with a caption that “Service road tere bap ka nai hy” (Service road doesn’t belong to your father).

Then her extremist fellows started showing their mentality there. Most of the women comments were “Is that the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?” As if they don’t know men’s Satar in Islam (intimate parts) starts from Navel and ends at the knee. Being shirtless is ‘Ok’ for a man in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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This altitude is actually a response from Far-left extremists as they think Shehroz supports Right-wing parties. Either it is Left-wing or right-wing, we cannot prosper as a nation with this kind of extremism.

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