MeToo Pakistan International Imran khan requests Western govts to outlaw contempt of prophet just like holocaust law

Imran khan requests Western govts to outlaw contempt of prophet just like holocaust law

Prime Minister Pakistan Imran Khan posted a statement on his official Facebook page. In the post, he requested the western governments to outlaw the hateful and abusive comments on the prophet Muhammed (P.B.U.H). He gave the reference to Holocaust Denial law which is active in 16 countries, the European Union, and the occupied territory of Palestine.

If a person completely or partly denies the happening of a Holocaust event or raises questions on it, he can be fined and jailed for years. Some countries have the punishment of 5 years while others have 3 years. European Union has the punishment of up to 3 years for denying or trivializing crimes against humanity. World champion of Freedom of speech, France, which claims liberalism, freedom, and liberty, has the second-highest number of prisoners who were accused of raising questions on holocaust.

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Many leaders, activists, and Authors have raised concerns over the Western hypocrisy on this matter. In an Op-Ed, Pakistani writer Zulkaif Riaz had called freedom of speech a game of interest. According to the writer Zulkaif Riaz, “the abusive comment on Prophet Muhammed (SAW) hurts the Muslims more than the holocaust denial hurts the kids of its survival“.

Pakistan has been against blasphemy and hateful comments on any religion, person, or group of people from the very beginning. Pakistani people had suspended Facebook and YouTube back in 2008 and 2010 for blasphemous content. Pakistan had protested against the cartoons and drawing contents in Holland. Recently, the French president has given hateful statements on Prophet Muhammed (SAW) which resulted in a worldwide boycott of French products.

Imran Khan’s statement came after the recent TLP’s Anti-France protests which led to the ban of political party TLP and the arrest of its chef Saad Hussain Rizvi.

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    Great leader Imran Khan.
    Western countries should create a law to prevent this, just on lines of holocaust.

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    I am Pakistani-Russian Youtuber , Artist and Graphcis Designer Wikipedian
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