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Islamic scholars confirm that the COVID-19 vaccine will not break Ramadan fast

After the start of the holy month of Ramadan, many people suggested the administrations stop the COVID-19 vaccination at day time during the month while some opposed the suggestion. Muslims were seen seeking guidance from Islamic scholars, especially in Muslim-minority countries.

A Muslim scholar Aarij Anwar from London Muslim Mosque told that community members are frequently contacting them to ask if the covid vaccine is permitted while fasting. He added that “I reply Yes, you can take this vaccine as it will not affect your fast“.

Aajir Anwar further added that “Non-nutritious injections (vaccines) do not affect the fast and will not break the fast. Any person can take this and his fast will continue to be perfect.”

An official from the Turkish Religious Affairs Directories told that “Vaccines do not contain any food or nutrition. Injecting such substance will not affect your fast“. Other than him, many Islamic scholars from different sects have confirmed this.

An Islamic prominent outlet Farangi Mahal from Lucknow (India) issued a fatwa stating that “The vaccine enters blood vessels but not the stomach. So, taking this vaccine will not affect your fast. Muslims should not avoid taking this vaccine because of this reason”.

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Scholars are advising Muslims to take the Covid-19 vaccination as soon as possible. Now we are in 3rd wave of the Corona pandemic, this vaccine is more important than it ever has been. Apart from this, it is requested to wear a mask, clean your hands with soap, and follow experts’ instructions.

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