MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,Feminism,Law,Violence Leena Ghani uses a manipulated video for cheap publicity

Leena Ghani uses a manipulated video for cheap publicity

At this time, when we are seeing violence from far-right activists, how can leftists stay without showing their extremism? Last week a woman was seen threatening the TLP protestors and now another incident has came to the light.

Leena Ghani who had previously filed a defamation suit against Ali Zafar has made his fans upset by doing another publicity stunt. Leena uploaded a video an old video (few weeks old) on her Twitter account abusing all men, culture, and society. But we have not anything like this in the video. Let’s have a look.

At the start of the video, a girl is seen asking for her mobile, but the question is what her mobile is doing in his hands? According to Leena’s press release on Dawn, Global Village Space, and Parhlo, the boy was capturing the pictures of Leena and her friends. As per her claim, the boy’s phone in their hand makes sense not their mobile in the boy’s hand.

Then they (girls) start mocking the boy. In response, the boy uses abusive language showing vulgar signs. One of the girls replies that “Your d*** is too small“. Different parts of the video were cut to manipulate and hid the real facts.

At one point, the boy warns them to not ‘spray’. The previous part of this scene was cut in editing. It apparently looks the girls had sprayed him. Girls also advise him to call Dolphin force but why? If the accused is not innocent the why is he asked to call the police?

At the end, boy goes away. But there are a number of questions to ask.

  • Why the video was edited to cut some parts?
  • Why the video was uploaded too late?
  • Why the boy is asking to not spray?
  • What this video even shows?
  • If that boy has used vulgar language then didn’t you?
  • Why the boy is holding your phone?

Shame on Pakistani Media Sites:

Pakistani news websites are spreading the news as if he was threatening the girls to burn with acid… Many of these sites are offering paid Press Release services and some far-left extremists are using that sold media to make their positions suitable for foreign fundings.

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    Yar ye sab mily hoi hn, police waly tu wese ee corrupt hn.

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    Agree with you. Mn ny bhi yahi note kia hy.

  3. Khurshid says:

    Sasty liberals

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    Thanks for raising my voice. My support for you @admin…😘

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