MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,Social media Meesha Shafi ‘all for peace’ with Ali Zafar amid sexual harassment case

Meesha Shafi ‘all for peace’ with Ali Zafar amid sexual harassment case

Pakistani-Canadian Singer Meesha Shafi who is involved in the #MeToo controversy with Ali Zafar has recently tweeted that “Many have tried to mediate. I am all for peace“.

Meesha Shafi was the earliest to use the #MeToo hashtag in Pakistan which lead to a further boost in the campaign after Babar-Haamza and other such incidents. Till now, most of the MeTooPk incidents were (have been proven) nothing but fake allegations.

It should be noted that Meesha has filed a sexual harassment case against the singer and actor Ali Zafar while Meesha and other liberal activists are facing a Defamation case by Ali Zafar. In a recent article, Pakistan Tribune has highlighted the tweet by Meesha calling that She want peace with Ali Zafar.

In her tweet, she added that “There (certainly) has been a lot of abuse. And it isn’t healthy at all. I’ve done nothing since speaking up though other than defending myself against the weaponization of the defamation laws”. It apparently looks like that She has done with the defamation law of Pakistan which does not allow anyone to accuse without proof and evidence. This response might have come probably after Ali Zafar won the ” Pride of Performance Award” on Pakistan day.

Ali Zafar in Pakistan Day Ceremony

Many people on Twitter, speak up against the decision of rewarding Ali Zafar (an accused harasser) including the Aurat March Official. While others defended the decision saying “Everyone is innocent until proven guilty“.

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