MeToo Pakistan Law,Social media News regarding the opening of a casino in Karachi is fake.

News regarding the opening of a casino in Karachi is fake.

Recently, a Pakistani well-known blog posted news regarding the opening of the first Pakistani Casino in Karachi. Furthermore, several other blogs copied the news. After confirming, we come to know that the fake news was posted just to convince the authorities for its approval after the news of the Chinese liquor company.

The blog further added that alcohol was freely used in Pakistan in nightclubs before Zia’s regime. A lot of people are posting on social media that “Everything was Ok before Zia’s regime, Alcohol, Gambling, and night parties“. It is not known why are they criticizing Zia when the Gambling and Alcohol consumption are illegal in Pakistan under the British-made act ” Prevention of gambling act 1977″.

A guy on Twitter posted a picture of Hollywood actor Cillian Murphy from his movie The edge of love claiming that it was a picture of a random Pakistani guy drinking alcohol in the bar before the Zia regime.

Many people even trusted that guy.

Here is the original picture from their movie.

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