MeToo Pakistan Rape,Social media News Update: Minor Hareem Fatima was Killed by a Woman

News Update: Minor Hareem Fatima was Killed by a Woman

Kareem Fatima’s murder has been trending on social media as her dead body was found in drainage and initial investigation revealed that She might have been raped. Hearing the news of minor rape, social media activist started a campaign with the trend #JusticeForHareem on Twitter.

Recently, a report from the Police revealed that Kareema Fatima was murdered by a woman who wanted to take revenge on her father. According to police, the culprit was arrested after she was seen in CCTV footage taking the girl with her. After arrest, she confessed her crime and revealed that She wanted to marry Kareema’s uncle but her family refused. She wanted to take revenge. That’s why she kidnapped his daughter and threw her into the drainage.

According to the Post-mortem report, the cause of her death was “strangulation“. Police arrested the suspect on Wednesday. A victim’s family member helped the police to identify her. While talking to the media, sources told that “Hareem Fatima’s father did not want his brother to marry the suspect and rejected her proposal, which promoted the woman to take such an extreme step“.

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