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Pakistani girl attacked with acid in the USA

It has been reported by the New York Post, an American outlet, that a Pakistani 21-year-old female medical student named Nafiah Ikram was doused with Acid in a “Planned Attack”. It has also been revealed that the suspect was a 17-year-old American boy who rushed up and quickly ran away after throwing the caustic liquid.

The incident actually happened on 17th March. Nafia Ikram was getting out of the car with her family outside their house. She was returning back from work. Her father Sheikh Ikram has shared his sorrowful words with the media. He told the media that “It was not an accident or random attack, it was planned“. He further added, “If it was a random attack then why the suspect waited for her arrival?

Nassau County Police is searching for the attacker. According to witnesses, the suspect was a tall slim boy wearing a hooded sweatshirt and gloves. Cops revealed that the acid was kept in a white cup. The police commissioner has announced the reward of $10,000 for the information that could lead to the arrest.

The victim was a medical student and studying at Hofstra University. Her wish was to become a doctor. She has almost blind. She can speak now but cannot eat or drink easily as her throat is burnt. Both of her arms are burnt. She feels scared at night and sleeps with her mother. She cannot even take bath by herself. It is not whether she would be a normal person again or not but her family is waiting for a miracle.

Her relatives and family friends have raised donations of nearly $300,000 for her medical treatment. The affected family is still looking for fundings for better treatment of their daughter. Here is the GoFundMe link.

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