MeToo Pakistan Law,Social media Police files FIR for dishonoring the ancient statue on Mohenjo-Daro site

Police files FIR for dishonoring the ancient statue on Mohenjo-Daro site

The insane incident happened in Mohenjo Daro when an Airport Police Station filed an FIR (First Investigation Report) against unknown persons for insulting the religious objects and hurting religious sentiments under Pakistan Penal Code’s section 295-A.

Many users on social media claimed that “The statue of the priest-king is thousands of years old, it doesn’t belong to any religious community as Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and other religions were not present that time“.

Three individuals while disrespecting the ancient statue.

A picture went viral on social media showing three persons insulting the statue of king-priest on Mohengo Daro, the largest site of ancient Indus Valley civilization. The watchman of the archeological site reported to the nearest police station and police filed a case against unknown persons.

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Section 295-A is a section in the Pakistan panel code of blasphemy law that prevents anyone from insulting religion and religious beliefs. This law was first introduced by the British colonials in 1927 with the punishment of 10 years. Later after partition, General Zia ul Haq again added it in Pakistan’s law with different punishments. This act has the punishment of 10 years jail, fine, or both.

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