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Ramadan begins in Pakistan amid Covid restrictions

Just like the previous year, Muslims are going to celebrate this Ramadan with social distance prayers following the SOPs issued by the government.

Ramadan 1442 AH has been started in various countries. Pakistani are going to fast from tomorrow dated 14th April 2021. Last year, Muslims fasted under lockdown. The situation was even more worse in Africa and some Asian countries. Even though most part of the world has controlled the virus but still strict rules are followed in order to minimize the separation of this death-causing virus.

The government of Pakistan has decided to keep the mosques and Imambarghas open during the holy month. But still is asked to follow the SOPs and safety guidelines. After consulting with the Ulema (religious scholars of different sects), President Arif Alvi, and the Ministry of National Health Service, Regulations & Coordination have issued a two-page guideline for Ramadan in 2021. Here is the online Pdf file, read it carefully.

More ever, Government has ordered the mosque to not use carpets. All the prayers will either be offered on the bare floor or the Namazi has to bring his separate carpet from home for prayer. Gathering by any means is not allowed. It is also told to offer the prayer in an open courtyard especially where the mosques and Imambarghas have an outside courtyard.

(Picture Source: WaterAid Org)

All the citizens should maintain a distance of 6 feet even during the prayer. If you are older than 50, a kid, or have any disease, you should stay at home and offer your prayers there. It is better to offer a prayer at home instead of endangering your and others’ lives.

Furthermore, Government has requested to wear a mask, do not shake hands, and wash hands with soap. Seeing the current situation, it has been asked to arrange Sehr and Iftar and perform Aitikaf at home. The government will keep observing the situations of religious places more often. They may take action against the mosque or Imambargha administration for violating the SOPs.

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