MeToo Pakistan Law,Social media A woman threatens the TLP protestors, uses abusive language for late Khadim Razvi

A woman threatens the TLP protestors, uses abusive language for late Khadim Razvi

Pakistan’s political party Tahreek-e-Labaik Pakistan (TLP) once again shows aggression over the arrest of their political leader Saad Hussain Rizvi (son of late Khadim Hussain Rizvi). Massive protests have been carried out throughout the country. Aggressive protestors have damaged the locals as many videos and pictures went viral on the internet.

Because of the low literacy rate in the country, many people don’t have the knowledge about the things happening around them many of these illiterates belong to our elite class. They don’t even know that what happening in Pakistan is a political movement for the withdrawal of a politician. Although you will see many slogans for kicking out France’s ambassador it is not mainly a religious protest.

A video went viral on the internet showing a woman who was respectively asked to follow the other route as the road is closed (by protestors). At first, the woman confidently started demanding money to purchase patrol. After refusal, she went crazy and abused the late Khadim Rizvi and his son. She used the term “Curse” for the protestors and religious scholars.

In the end, her own companion (deriver) called her Mad and Extremist when she asked him to allow her to derive the car. She actually was challenging the protestors but the boy with him knew that they can harm their car and them. A few Pakistani’s were seen appreciating the woman for bravery but we couldn’t find anything in the video other than foolishness.

The legality of protests in Pakistan

Pakistan constitution’s Article 16, 17, and 19 allows everyone to express freedom, protest, and speech. Although there is the right to protest in Pakistan, there are some limits and restrictions. Being Peaceful is the first and foremost requirement for the protestors to protest. And most of the TLP’s protests are full of violence. The same kind of violence was seen in the recent Aurat March protest, PDM dharna, PTI’s Tsunami, and much more.

Stone pelting by Aurat March protestors

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