MeToo Pakistan International,Law Amazon and Microsoft joined a task force to trace Ransomware hackers

Amazon and Microsoft joined a task force to trace Ransomware hackers

Amazon, Microsoft, and FBI have joined RTF (Ransomware Task Force), a special task force to trace and take aggressive action against Ransomware gangs. These big giants will be giving nearly 50 recommendations to the government and RTF.

These hackers use malicious (nulled/cracked) software to get access to someone’s computer and steal their data. They manipulate the personal data and ask for payment to get their data back. Data is not restored even after receiving the payment.

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Hackers are now targeting schools, hospitals, and organisations. A report has been submitted by RTF in US President Joe Biden‘s administration. In the report, RTF stated that Ransomware has now become a threat to the United State’s national security and citizens’ privacy.

Ransomware Task Force’s co-chair claimed that “The money send to these blackmailers are not only impacting country’s economy but may also be used as funds for criminal activities like human trafficking, child exploitation, [and gender-hate campaigns]“.

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According to an FBI report, more than 2,400 organisations in the United States had become a victim of these online ghosts. Many of these hackers are US residents.

These hackers are active in Pakistan too. Hundreds of thousands of computers had been hacked by injecting this virus. Pakistan may have more risk than that of the US because nulled software and even windows are more common in Pakistan. We hope our government will too take strict action against them.

Statistics and statements are taken from BBC news’s article on this topic.

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