MeToo Pakistan International,Social media Amazon to officially allow Pakistanis to create Seller Account

Amazon to officially allow Pakistanis to create Seller Account

Amazon in Pakistan 2021

Just in, Amazon is going to add Pakistan to its list of allowed countries for sellers. Before that, Pakistani sellers were officially selling their goods on Amazon till 2011. In 2011, Amazon decided to now allow Pakistani sellers because they couldn’t meet the level of service.

For years, Amazon did not even ship its goods to Pakistan. On the other hand, Paypal is also not working in Pakistan which is continuously disturbing Pakistani freelancers and bloggers community. It might have been due to the lack of ability in our government to deal with these situations.

Although Amazon was not officially available in Pakistan, Many people used to sell stuff on Amazon and offer VA service (Virtual Assistance) to different clients all over the world. And the most interesting thing is that many of them did not even step outside the country.

During the 2019-20 lockdown, many people moved to freelancing and started learning different skills. Extreme Commerce by Sunny Ali and Enablers were two platforms offering around a hundred courses and e-commerce is their main objective.

Many people including technical gurus and online investors were struggling to bring Amazon to Pakistan which was quite a difficult and time-taking thing. But the news of Amazon’s official arrival in Pakistan is in offing. Many digital platforms including Extreme Commerce have confirmed the news. Amazon may start allowing Pakistani users to create an account from Pakistan as a seller within one to two days.

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