MeToo Pakistan Celebrity,Social media Aurat March requests social media platforms to close Anti-feminist campaigns

Aurat March requests social media platforms to close Anti-feminist campaigns

On Wednesday, Aurat March Official requested the Social Media Platforms to take action against the users running Anti-feminist campaigns. On their Twitter handle, Aurat March issued a 5-point demands list asking the platforms to follow them.

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Aurat March claimed that Social Media Platforms are earning from their content by getting clicks. However, they are not given any favour in return. They further claimed that “Our women, trans, and non-binary folks are spending hours to generate online content without any paid labour. Social media platforms get traffic and clicks and eagerly earn money from it but do not moderate anti-feministic content”.

Aurat March official wrote that we do struggle while reporting anti-feministic content on social media but social media giants have no support for women from Asia and Africa. It looks like Aurat March is not happy with Social Media platforms as many fake Twitter and Facebook accounts were suspended following the fake Aurat Azadi March trends on 8th March.

Another thing to consider in their 3-page charter was the use of “Global South Countries”. Aurat March thinks that women are subject to violence only in Global South Countries (Countries other than the West). It seems that their team is unaware of hundreds of massacres and genocides raping millions of women. French officials and soldiers raped more than 500,000 women in Rwanda (a South African country) brutally killing more than 600,000 people. They had killed more than 1000,000 people in Algeria during their 10 years colonial.

West had its history filled with Brutality, Rapes, and Massacres. The use of the word “South Globe” simply exposes the propaganda of Aurat March. Before this, it was revealed that Aurat March is running of foreign funding. Our guest writer Zulkaif Riaz claimed that Aurat March is injecting anti-nationalism in youth.

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