MeToo Pakistan Law,Violence How cybercriminals are blackmailing girls?

How cybercriminals are blackmailing girls?

Pakistani ethical hacker “Rafay Baloch” posted a public awareness message on his verified Facebook account. Rafay claimed that cybercriminals are pretending to be a part of a PR agency associated with a European magazine blacking the young girls.

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According to him, this news is revealed by some credible sources. The cybercriminals approach young girls and ask for a bold photoshoot promising publicity and money in return. They work so professionally that many girls become a victim of them.

After having their photos, they blackmail them, ask them to send more bold pictures and videos. In some cases, they also demand money. Most of their victims are Instagram and Tiktok influencers.

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In this era of the internet, women are subject to online violence and harassment. The best solution is to Not stay quiet, our slogan. You should complain in a nearby police station or at least tell your parents and friends so that they suggest you.

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