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Muslims owned Jerusalem for a millennium, Jews vacated centuries ago

Israel-Palestine conflict over Jerusalem has entered into the eighth decade. Israel with the support of the West is making various attempts to siege and annex the west bank and Gaza Strip. On the other hand, the Arab League and Muslim countries are backing Palestine by words and condemnations only.

There is a popular Zionist saying that “Jerusalem (including the Israel and Palestine) belongs to us because our ancestors owned it for centuries. It is a promised land given by our father Abraham”. Just like many of their other claims, this is also wrong and far away from the facts.

Israelis make claim over Jerusalem and the surrounding area on basis of their religious scripts. It all started in 1897 when First Zionist Congress was held and Jewish immigration from all over the world to Palestine started.

British colonials agreed on a two-state solution which increased tensions between locals and immigrants. Till 2009, more than 14,500 Palestinians lost their lives in Israeli attacks as reported by Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Jewish diaspora and Aliyah

The term “Jewish diaspora” indicates the exile/dispersion of Jews from their land of ancestors. Historically, the first dispersion happened in 733 BCE in Assyrian exile. Furthermore, Neo-Babylonian Empire in 597-586 BCE, Romanian Empire, and Byzantine Empire dispersed numerous Jews.

England expelled Jews in 1290, Spain in 1492, and Europe in 1940. An increase in migration and settlement divided Jews into different regional groups during middle age. Jerusalem was a Christian-majority city before the arrival of Islam in the city.

The term “Aliyah” describes the arrival of Jews back to Israel from Diaspora. It should be noted that the Jews coming back were expelled about 2600 years before and Palestinians shared the history of 1250 years of which they had Islamic rule in 1190 years.

Let’s have a look at the history of Jerusalem and nearby areas (Palestine and Israel).

Proto-Canaanite period:

The word “Jerusalem” is “Rusalimum” in texts of the Middle Egyptian Kingdom. It means “Foundation of Shalem”. Shalem was the god or deity of the Canaanite religion in the Bronze Age.

Both Canaanites and Egyptian owned this area for 3500 years. This area was then called “Canaan”, mentioned in Biblical scriptures. Abraham (Hazrat Ibrahim A.S) migrated from Sumer (Iraq) to Canaan in nearly 2000 BCE.

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Israeli Reign:

King David (Hazrat Dawood A.S) took control over Jerusalem in 1010 BCE. Egyptians recaptured it in 925 BCE after 85 years.

Jehoash of Israel takes the land back from Egyptians in 786 BCE and destroys the walls. It was the longest reign of Israelites which lasted for 131 years. Jews failed to invade this city after many attempts. For the first time, they composed the story of Ibrahim A.S in their scripts in the 6th century to show their rights of ownership over this land. This land was then named “Judah”, a province of the Persian Empire.

Jewish Hasmonean Dynasty captured Jerusalem in 140 BCE. They formed a Jewish kingdom, the Kingdom of Judea. This kingdom had two eras of 6 years and 70 years respectively.

Romans siege:

Romans (Pre-Constantine) captured the kingdom of Judea in 47 BC. Romans, under different rulers, ruled it for more than 250 years. Several Jews left the city during this era.

Christian Byzantine Empire:

Byzantine’s emperor after winning the Civil War of Tetrarchy takes control over the city. The king bans the entrance of Jews into the city. They were allowed to enter only once per year to offer annual prayers. King ordered to construct a church near Holy worship places.

From 324 to 629, Byzantine Empire had complete or partial control over the city. Their empire started declining in the early 600 when they lost the city to Sassanid Empire.

First Islamic rule:

Muslim control over the holy city started in 637/38 when Byzantine’s King surrendered to the second Caliph of Caliphate Rashidun Hazrat Umar R.A without any war. It remained under Islamic caliphates Rashidun, Umayyad, and Abbasid empires. This control lasted for 332 years, more than the entire Israeli/Jewish rule.

Fatimid and Seljuk Empire:

Islamic Fatimid Empire conquered the region after the downfall of the Abbasid Empire. Their ruling period consists of 102 years from 969 and 1071 AC. Turkish tribes kept fighting each other and Fatimid. They finally sieged Jerusalem in 1071. Seljuk emir Atsiz Ibn Uvaq controlled it from 1073 to 1098. He received backlash from the local Muslims after his defeat against Fatimid in Egypt.

Crusade War:

The crusade was the Christian religious war having the objectives of conquering the holy land from the Muslim rulers. Christian army succeeded and ruled for 88 years. This period was full of Jewish massacres and genocides.

Ayyubid and Mamluk Sultanates:

In 1187, prominent Islamic ruler Saladin Ayyubi (aka Salah al-din) defeated the Crusaders in the Battle of Hattin. After he died in 1193, his successors kept ruling the empire till 1250.

Mamluk Sultanate ruled the empire in two different eras. Their first era started from 1250 to 1382 and the second era from 1382 till 1517. Both Sultanates had about 330 years of rule on Quds.

Ottoman Caliphate:

Ottoman Caliphate took control from Mamluk Sultanate and ruled the world with holy Quds until their defeat in World War 1. This period consisted of 402 years, more than the entire Christian rule over this city.

Last Words:

Canaanites and Egyptians inhibited Jerusalem for 3500 years, Jews for 205 years, Christians for 392 years, and Muslims for about 1190 years.

Jewish settlement from different parts of the world in the early 20th century claiming that Romanian and Christian Byzantine’s invaders forced their forefathers to exile centuries ago. It is historically true but what about locals whose forefathers also lived here.

It is not known on what basis do Israelis claim this land? Their forefathers were outsiders too. Muslims own this land religiously and ethnically it belongs to Egyptians and Lebanese. According to recent research, Canaanites were the ancestors of Lebanese after conducting a series of DNA tests.


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