MeToo Pakistan Law,Violence The story behind the AWP’s violence in Bahria Town Karachi

The story behind the AWP’s violence in Bahria Town Karachi

Pakistani far-left political group Awami Workers Party is continuingly carrying out protests in Central Sindh against Bahria Town Karachi. Malik Riaz, the founder of Bahria Town, along with his spouse and business partner Beena Riaz had allegedly grabbed the land of local Sindhis.

The case is under prosecution in Supreme Court for years. Awami Workers Party which is believed to be the mastermind in UCP violation has once again prompted the local Sindhis to stand against the Bahria Town. Over 100 people were arrested for violence in Karachi as reported by Dawn news. Police had accused the Sindh Action Committee and Awami Workers Party of inciting their workers for damaging the property.

Many other far-left groups had come forward in support of violence. Women Democratic Front, Aurat March Islamabad, and Aurat Azadi March had tweeted favouring the violent protest.

A violent protestor and AWP’s councillor Seengar Noonari was arrested for his involvement in violence. A protest has been recorded by the family members of Seengar Noonari with playcards requesting the government to release him.

Bahria Town Karachi

It has been alleged that Bahria Town Karachi is grabbing the land of Central Sindh and Gilgit Baltistan. Gujjar Nala demolition is also an incident behind the rise in Anti-Bahria town protests.

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