MeToo Pakistan India India to displace 3700 Kashmiri families for Dam’s construction

India to displace 3700 Kashmiri families for Dam’s construction

The Indian government had recently confirmed that more than 52 villages and about 3,700 families will have to lose their houses for the Ujh dam construction project. The project was first announced in 2008 claiming that this project will bring the region to new heights of development.

In Indus Water Treaty 1960, both arch-rivals Pakistan and India signed an agreement which allocated the control of eastern rivers Bias, Ravi, and Sutlej to India. Recently India has started work on three projects including Shahpurkandi dam, Ravi-Bias link, and Ujh dam. Ujh dam, which is going to be constructed on Ravi and its tributary Ujh rivers in occupied territory, is expected to generate electricity of more than 180 megawatts.

This project will not only displace the local Kashmiris but also affect the environment. Authorities will cut down around 330,000 trees in the green region which is termed heaven on earth.

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The Indian government has granted land of around 77,542 acres after obtaining the environmental clearance this year. Local Kashmiris fear the displacement as they will have to leave their house and village. The government has ensured the proper compensation to the residents and affected families. But some locals alleged that the government will be compensating on basis of outdated data. The government database contains the data of the 2011 census. Since then they have not updated the record. People are demanding the BJP-led government to hold another census and pay the compensation accordingly.

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