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Pakistani and Turkish production houses to produce a series on Salah-ad-Din

After the success of Dirilis Ertugrul and Kurlus Osman in Turkey and Pakistan, a Pakistani production house joins hands with Turkey to co-produce a series on Sultan Salah-ad-Din, the great emperor and conqueror of Jerusalem.

Turkish production house “Akli Films” is going to produce the drama in co-production with Pakistan’s Ansari & Shah Films. The great emperor Sultan Salah-ad-Din who led to the foundation of the Ayyubid Dynasty is going to be featured in the Pakistani series. He carries the legacy of defeating Christian Crusaders and conquering Jerusalem without any bloodshed.

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Pakistan, as the first and so far only country to take independence on basis of Islamic ideology, always recognizes the bravery of historical great Muslims. From naming the ballistic missiles Babur, Ghauri, Abdali, and Ghaznavi to its ships Zulifqar, Saif, Tariq, Tippu Sultan, Shah Jahan, Badr, and Khaiber and Tank Khalid I, Pakistan has always remembered the Islamic greats.

Earlier, the Prime Minister of Pakistan has advised the youth to watch and read historical heroes instead of Western and Indian movies that depict fantasy and vulgarity. The Pakistani media industry was in contact with several Turkish production houses to proud a serial like Ertugrul. It was revealed by sources that Pakistani state-owned television PTV is going to produce a series on Sub-continent Poet Mirza Ghalib and Sultan Ayyubi.

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