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About us

Me To Pakistan (MeTooPK) is a Pakistani news outlet and e-Magazine which covers sensitive topics such as violence against women, rape, feminism, the internet, and other trending news. Due to the lack of investment we do not possess any physical office but looking forward to owning one in the future.

We started this platform in late 2020 although the website was launched at the beginning of this decade. Till March 2021, our main focus was to cover the “Violence against women” topic. We then started covering many other interests.

What is MeToo in Pakistan?

#MeToo is a worldwide campaign mostly used online to share the sexual harassment experience with public. This campaign is trolled over the internet as it is one of the failed feministic campaigns ever.

MeToo in Pakistan is also failed as it does not meet the country’s law. We are not feminists and neither support feminism. In short, MeToo Pakistan is just an online news-sharing platform.

Proud Google News Publisher

MeToo Pakistan is a proud Google News Publisher. We always tend to share the most authentic and accurate news. We always follow the rule of sharing unbiased news with mixed editor’s opinions. We also mention the image source, news reference, and writer’s name to give everyone their deserving credit.

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Social Media Presence

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